​Her love is like a circle — having no end,

His love is like a straight line — having both_the start and the end.


Always gonna keep you…

​I’ll keep you,

In any struggle,

In any circumtances,

In any up and down,

I’ll always keep you

And would never let you go.

I wish I could…

I wish i could control my brain, 

When to think and when to stop at all.

I wish i could control my heart, 

When to feel and when to reveal them all.

I wish i could control my soul, 

When to keep distance and when to close to them all.

Don’t beg 💘

​Why are you so busy in begging others to stay in your life? You don’t have to do that…If anyone wants to stay in your life they would, without even making you beg right infront of them. Just make an effort to realize them that you want them but don’t put yourself down infront of someone who doesn’t even bother wheather or not you exist.


​Your eyes are the most beautiful part of you because it reveals everything. That’s why they are called “windows of the soul”. 

You would know everything that a person could possibly feel at a certain moment, just by looking into their eyes. It tells you how much they love you, how much they want to spend time with you, how much you mean to them.

Their eyes tell all the secrets that is hidden deeply somewhere in them. 

Eyes never lie, they always enlighten you with the reality.

It happens…

​If I give you my heart, you are not supposed to give yours to me. If I love you, you are not supposed to do the same. That’s all done by feelings and you can’t develope them on you own. It just happens, before you even realize.